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30 November 2014

We propose to companies, organisations, universities and other interested partners the possibility to co-operate within common research and creative projects.

The projects may be developed using the facilities of Complex education, research and development laboratory (CER&DLab) «Adaptive Simulation and Intelligent Control Systems» which includes the Laboratory of visualization and computer graphics.
Main areas of research at the IT and design dept. are:

  • 3D-graphics and animation, integration of computer graphics and video
  • Visualization of scientific data and research results with the help of multimedia technologies
  • Stereo-graphics
  • Interface and interaction design
  • Design and communication
  • Modern education methods and approaches

Besides that, we are interested in following ways of partnership and cooperation:

  • educational programs, targeted at specific company’s needs
  • proposals of original courses for our students

If you would like to cooperate with us, please write us a line on dept.itd@gmail.com or use the Contacts section.

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