Research / Projects

30 November 2014

Agreements, grants and projects in force:

  • Cooperation project with Military Medical Academy (St.Petersburg)
  • Grants from Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation
  • Grants from Russian Fund for Fundamental Studies
  • Agreement with National Institute of Multimedia Education (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Agreement with AMOS Ltd., Apple IMC official reseller
  • Cooperation project with Russian museum

  • “Design of the Access”: international collaboration project with Politecnico di Milano

    A co-operative international project with subtitle “Communication Artefacts and Systems for conscious and aware Users” was initiated together with Politecnico di Milano, INDACO, Dipartamento di Industrial design, delle Arti, della Communicazione e della Moda. It’s focused on activities of theoretical / applied research and teaching in the field of communication design.

    Aim of the project is development of communication artefacts and systems to guide the receivers’ choices and behaviours and to react to social and environmental problems and emergencies and creation of network of schools working on the topic of Design of the Access.

  • Global Modules”: international educational project with Champlain College, (Vermont, USA)

    “Global Modules” is an international project, recipient of the 2009 Institute for International Education Andrew Heiskell Award for Internationalizing the Campus

    Global Modules has grown to include over 3000 students this year at 14 colleges and universities worldwide. By 2009-10, Champlain college expects that more than 6,000 students a year from across the world will participate in these significant, content-based global education experiences. In each course, participants include equal numbers of students at two or more universities. Topics, chosen by the professors, are wide-ranging and designed to encourage inquiry and cultural sensitivity.

    IT in Design Department plans to join the project in Spring 2010.

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