Design (major: graphic design)

2 December 2014

During this program students receive multidisciplinary education in the area of graphic design, basing on deep exploration of artistic and esthetic disciplines and on professional knowledge of information technologies. Special attention is made on possibilities of computer graphics, animation and new media, which helps to expand student’s opportunities.

Main disciplines include:
  • Culturology, History, Philosophy, History of design, science and technique, History of art and culture, History of ornament
  • Information science, Computer graphics, Computer technologies
  • Composition, Drawing and special graphics, Illustrative graphics, Sculpture and plastic modeling, Color and chromatics
  • Printing industry technologies, Spatial design, Corporate Identity, Typography

Educational process is lead by specialists from Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University and other institutions of Saint-Petersburg.

While studying, students pass practical training in commercial companies connected with design, advertising, computer graphics and television. Prominent students can also have a practice abroad.

Areas of employment:
  • advertising, printing industry
  • spatial design
  • web design
  • computer graphics and animation
  • games development

See the study plan (pdf-file)

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