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30 November 2014

While studying the students make full use of all the possibilities of IIEP's modern infrastructure, well-equipped computer classrooms, access to the Internet resources, modern video and projecting equipment.

IT in Design Department offers the facilities of the new computer graphics and visualization Lab which is a part of Complex education, research and development laboratory. The equipment includes high-performance computer system based on network of efficient computer equipment for processing intensive graphic data flows and Professional workstation for visualization, compositing and animation of graphic images.
The IT in design department labs include:

1.    Computer graphics and visualization Lab:
  • High-production computing complex based on high-speed networking equipment intended for processing large data flows of graphic information (based on PC: Intel XEON 2,0 Quad*2 /800MHz/8M)
  • The 3-D image visualization system:
    - panoramic image system based on Mitsubishi 3000 ANSI  projector
    - stereo image system based on Christie 2800 ANSI projector
  • Network graphic stations (based on PC: lntel Core 2 duo 2,0 /2096 Mb DDR2/500 Gb/DVD-RW)
2.    authorized Apple computer center
3.    photo and video studio equipped with modern hardware.
4.    video editing lab with 4 studios of non-linear editing
5.    lab of electronic educational facility, including:
  • Video conferencing equipment (for up to 42 participants)
  • Server computers for location of courses and text-books
6.    2 modern computing classes (based on PC Intel XEON 2,0).

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