Ecodesign conference

21 April 2015


Every two years department of IT in design organizes “Ecodesign” conference focused on monitoring global ecological problems by means of media and graphic design.

International biennale ECODESIGN, which includes conference, exhibitions and student competition, brings design institutions of Russia together with our international partners to outline the common view on ecological situation and to discuss new challenges and solutions.

Aims of the conference:

Within the bounds of the conference we try to focus public attention on humanistic aspect of design by challenging the participants to think about how to create a balanced interaction between human and environment.


  • Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
  • Russian union of designers
  • St.Petersburg Ecological Union
  • Russian-Japanese society
  • Japanese consulate
  • Polish consulate

Photos from “Ecodeisgn 2002” conference on flikr

Photos from “Ecodeisgn 2007” conference on flikr

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